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Thank you very much - that our guests also think about safety on the sea.

Frøya Panorama wants the best security. We have Kværnø aluminium boats that are constantly checked on service at an authorized workshop. All our boats have chart plotter GPS and sonar – Emergency number for rescue (120) and landlord (phone number) in the boats - laminated sea map and AIS tracking units installed in all boats.

This is to ensure that our valuable guests can travel on the sea as safely as possible. We Norwegian destinations expect common sense, good behaviour, and maritime safety first of all - and we are briefing all our guests on arrival about Norwegian rules in the boat to fish in the sea. Then the pleasure of being on the sea - is incredibly nice - and also great fishing.

When we as hosts - may seems a bit strict for our guests - if we forbid you to go to sea:

Remember that we have the same desire - you should have a nice fishing holiday - in house and boat - and hopefully you can bring great fish home.

Our motto is: Good service, good advice, good security and good respect for each other - will be a good experience!

PS: When renting a boat - the captain is responsible for boat and people. It is mandatory to wear a life vest in boats. It is the captain's overall responsibility and decisions relating to whether it is safe to run out into the boat, accompanied by weather / wind / maps / GPS / tide / and safty.

We expect that all safety rules and common sense that apply in Norway will be followed.

Remember respect for nature forces and sea


For our safety - we have installed AIS in all the boats - so that we can track where boats are on an APP and PC at any time

Have fun ��


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